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Hot wife gets pussy rammed by big cock as cuckold husband watches

Posted on 3 June 2011 at 4:45 pm in Hot Wives.

Hot wife has sex with a stranger as cuckold husband watches

Meet Brandi and Kelly, who’ve been married for about 5 years. They had a wifeswapping fantasy for a while that they finally decided to fulfill. Kelly said they have a terrific sex life, but they want to add a little diversity to it. They picked out Jack, a muscular guy with a big, veiny cock. Brandi thought he was great looking and was excited to meet him. She was all smiles and giggling when Jack came into the room. This was going to be a HOT fuck session for sure.

Jack and Brandi took their time kissing and making out with each other. Jack slowly undressed this beautiful, horny wife and went down on her wet pussy. She became even more excited when she pulled his thick, veiny cock out of his pants. Brandi’s cuckold husband also noticed how big it was.

She had to really open her mouth wide to get Jack’s thick cock all the way in her mouth. Soon she laid down on the couch and Jack sank his huge rod into her sweet little pussy. Her cuckold hubby intensely watched what was happening with his hot wife. Jack then flipped her over and fucked her doggy style, making her cum over and over again. Then he shot his huge load of messy cum all over her pretty little face and tits…

My hot wife’s swinging debut

Posted on 1 June 2011 at 12:01 am in Hot Wives.

Luna Aphrodisia - my hot wife having sex with a friend

Luna Aphrodisia is my hot wife. After being married about 7 years, she and I talked seriously about swinging. We had talked about it for a number of months off and on before, but at that time, we were talking seriously about it. We had a friend who we both knew was hot for her. We also learned he had a big, foot-long, cock.

One evening when he came over to visit, we surprised him by asking if he wanted to fuck my wife. He was quite nervous and caught off-guard, but he very eagerly accepted the offer. Soon, the clothes were off and things started right in the living room. My wife and I both warmed him up a bit by licking some liquid chocolate smeared on his body. Then he put it on my wife’s body and licked it off her tits as I grabbed the camera to take these pictures.

My wife was very wet immediately and soon they were both kissing and fondling each other while I watched. I was anxious, but very turned on by watching my wife get ready to have sex with another man.

Then she sat on top of him and grabbed his hard cock and steered it into her wet pussy, just like she does with me. It went in my wife’s vagina very deeply, and as you can see, she came with my friend’s cock in her many times that night.

A bit later, we all moved to our bedroom where the guy came and shot his load deep inside my wife, giving her a dripping, tasty creampie… Plays Well With Others.