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Husband lives fantasy of sharing his hot wife with another man

Posted on 24 January 2012 at 10:19 am in Hot Wives.

husband sharing wife with another man

Kraig loves his wife and wants her to be happy. He also has had a fantasy for a long time of sharing his wife with another man. He craves the chance to watch his wife’s big tits get sucked by another guy’s lips and tongue. Her wet pussy filled with another cock. Not only that, a big, rock hard cock. Kraig gets really hard just thinking about his wife’s vagina being filled with another man’s cum and her screaming in pleasure. One day, he found out that his wife, Michelle, wanted to fuck another man too and loved the idea of doing it in front of her husband. Watch as she takes in her first extramarital cock deep inside her dripping vagina…

Blonde hot wife stretches her pussy on a big cock in front of cuckold husband

Posted on 17 June 2011 at 3:47 pm in Hot Wives.

Blonde hot wife fucking stranger in front of cuckold husband

Hot wife Lichelle and her cuckold hubby Hans have always had a hot fantasy of wife swapping. They found a hot stud named Barry. The sexual chemistry between Barry and Lichelle was incredible and her pussy was immediately wet. They started kissing and undressing each other… Barry slipped off her little black panties and licked her wet little pussy as her husband watched. She moaned, letting her hubby know how much she was enjoying it. Barry made her cum HARD and then she really got intense and wanted some serious cock. She practically begged him to sink it in her tight little pussy hole. He fucked her in so many ways her cuckold husband lost count. Barry finally shot his load all over her pretty face and beatiful tits…

Cuckold husband shares his hot wife with another man

Posted on 1 June 2011 at 5:16 pm in Hot Wives.

Hot wife fucks another cock while holding her husband's big dick

Charlotte is a wonderful wife who dutifully wants to make her husband’s fantasy come true. Johnny’s fantasy is to share his wife with another man. Charlotte is a bit nervous about it at first, but is horny and wants to please him. She didn’t know she would enjoy it so much. Her hot body loves both her husband’s cock and the stranger’s dick. Unlike many cuckold videos, this is one that is a true sharing of a hot wife. Her husband watches his wife fuck another guy, but she also services his cock too in a very hot threesome…

Blonde hot wife gets fucked by a stranger in front of her cuckold husband

Posted on 1 June 2011 at 9:48 am in Hot Wives.

Blonde hot wife Emilianna fucking in front of her cuckold husband

Johnny had a fantasy for a while about his blonde hot wife, Emilianna, having sex with another man. So he found a website that could hook them up with a hot stud to fuck and emailed them. Before long, his wife’s pussy was being plugged by a total stranger. Johnny figured that he would not have any jealousy issues since he’s dreamed of cuckolding his wife for a while and he was totally into it. I’m not sure he knew how much his wife would enjoy the new dick. She talked dirty while her holes were being plugged in more ways than one. You will really love watching this hot blonde wife sucking and fucking right in front of her horny cuckold husband… Plays Well With Others.